Keep you and your homes “skin” soft this winter –

If you’ve ever been to Florida in the middle of Feb. you know how nice the moist air feels when you step off that plane. Nothing will keep you and your home in better shape this winter than keeping the humidity at the right level. We recommend between 35-45% relative humidity for your home in the winter. This will keep your wood floors and trim from splitting and sheet-rock from shrinking saving you money in repairs. You can pick up humidity sensors at your local hardware store if you don’t have one already. Many new (hot air) furnaces include humidifiers on them but they will only run when your furnace does. better yet is a separate humidifier placed in a central part of your home. Not only will your home stay more comfortable but you will too.

Cool Kitchen Backsplash Idea

We are always looking for things to share with our clients to help them achieve their remodeling dreams – all while staying within their remodeling budget.  Here is a great idea we found on


Kitchen Design Ideas

Check out this link for a great example of how to open up space in an older kitchen:  HGTV

Home Maintence Question of the Week

Q: How often do forced-air furnace filters need to be changed?
A: At least every three months during the heating season.
Changeing your filter will not only keep the air in your home cleaner it will allow your heat system function better and save you $$
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Todd Stewart is Vice President!

New York State Builders Association (NYSBA) announces it’s 2012 slate of officers and our own Todd Stewart, of Stewart Construction, will be named 2012 Vice President.  Todd has enjoyed being treasurer and is excited about this new opportunity to help serve the home builders association.