Maintenance Free Living Program

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Maintenance Free Living Program

Are you considering moving because your worried about upkeep and maintenance on your home – Talk to us first. With our Maintenance Free living Program you can stay in your home and have the peace of mind knowing that your home will be cared for by experienced professionals. We custom design a program based on your needs and your individual home.


Maintenance Free Living Program Includes:

Weekly Lawn Care. We keep the weeds at bay and your yard looking great.

Snow Removal: No more worries about that big nor’easter: We make sure your cleared out and can get in and out of your home safely!


Check and Service heating system

Clean gutters

Check hose bibs

Remove, clean and store screens

Check seals on window, door and outlets.

Clean and store lawn furniture and grill

Hang Christmas Lights etc.

Spring Cleanup:

Yard Cleanup

Gutters Cleaned!

Put in Screens/wash exterior widows

Put out yard furniture and grill

Power wash siding